Shirogane no Ou – Fenrir Craft

Author: AOTO Takane
Artist: AOTO Takane
Genre: Action Drama Fantasy Historical Josei Mystery
Status: 2 Volume(s) (Complete)
Wonderland After Hours Status: Upcoming


The day of the coronation has finally arrived, but peace is nowhere in sight. The King is still under attack by a mysterious faction that is trying desperately to put an end to his life. And this time around, the trials facing them might just be too great to overcome. His Majesty and his “Right Eye” both have secrets they’re keeping from each other; secrets that could tear them apart…  and destroy the kingdom!



1 thought on “Shirogane no Ou – Fenrir Craft”

  1. Oh, this is great! It’s nice to see that someone is going to be releasing this series! 😀
    Thanks a bunch!

    P.S. I heard that someone in Batoto is releasing this series as well? Not sure if you guys are working in together on this project, but best of luck!

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