Author: TAKAYAMA Shinobu
Artist: TAKAYAMA Shinobu
Genre: Action Adventure Fantasy Josei Supernatural
Status: 5 Volume(s) (Ongoing)
Shiro Nabi & W.A.H. Status: Ongoing


In a land reminiscent of ancient China, there once existed countless spirits, as well as Four Perils sealed deep beneath the earth. But when two of the Four Perils escaped, the spirits disappeared along with them. To bring them back, the mysterious “Kashikan” appeared, but will their mystical powers be enough to return what’s been lost to the land?


7 thoughts on “Haigakura”

  1. isn’t another group already scanlating this :o?

  2. When we release, you’ll see exactly why we’re re-scanlating it.

  3. ooooohhh. well i think i have some idea why. well looking forward to it +___+ i love this mangaka’s works

  4. Yeah, she’s one of my favorites. Her stories are so good. There’s a lot of complexity but when everything is laid out, it’s absolutely brilliant.

  5. yes definitely! amatsuki is actually really brilliant imo, too bad it’s not popular internationally i think :c LOL i had no idea the mangaka is a female ………. always thougfht it’s a dude /____\

  6. Oh. So you guys are re-scanlating it. I wonder whyyy…. Ohbtw, almost done cleaning the chapter you sent me OUO

  7. I’m so glad you are re-doing this. The manga is awsome but the translations were too literal and that made the plot comfusing. I’m looking forward to your release. Thanks for your hard work!

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