Corpse Chandelier

Author: RINO Miki
Artist: RINO Miki
Genre: Action Horror Josei Mystery Romance Supernatural
Status: 3 Volume(s) (Complete)
Wonderland After Hours Status: Upcoming


As the population of the world decreases, Necromancers were brought up to use their powers to reanimate corpses to do various jobs for society. Zen, a necromancer, uses his abilities to bring back the dead as well as cleaning up after bloody catastrophes resulting from a corpse and a human falling into the forbidden case of necrophilia. With the help of his assistant, Yomai, a ghoul he feeds with his own flesh, the two must work together to solve whatever problems are caused by the undead.


7 thoughts on “Corpse Chandelier”

  1. do you need a translator for this? 😉

  2. Not yet.

  3. oh yuck i didn’t realise wordpress had default emotes. eww. ;n;

    anyways, does that mean you will later?

  4. Hopefully, or else we’ll wait until we finish our other series…. which might take awhile. Hehehe.

  5. ohh okay. either way! if you need anyone, let me know – i’d be interested in translating this series, if you take on freelance (isthistherightterm) translators? :3

  6. Freelance translators are all we get so I’d be happy if you’d like to help out. ^^ Just send me an e-mail and we can talk about it there.

  7. Woohoo another horror manga!!!

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