God damn, this man is fabulous.

Hey….. guys…. ~.~ This is not a project we’re really known to do but it’s actually a series that my friend and I hold dear in our hearts (even if the mangaka ditched it to draw for an otome game) and it’s a series I’ve been working in with another group, just recently I thought I should move it here.


I know this group is really erratic, you think we’re dead then we come back, then when you think we’ve finally been put to rest, we rise up once more. Trust me, this is just how the group will be.

If you are wondering what will become of this group, I’ll let you know right off the bat. We’re not dead, we’re still working on things here and there, we just can’t be too focused on it. The main issue is that I can’t scan things at all in this time and I’m having to resort to mailing my raws to a friend to scan. You can imagine this will take quite some time. orz Honestly it’s really discouraging that I’m running into problems one after another…

Ghost Hunt –
I said it before, we are going to work on it after we buy the volumes. I know another group is working on it but we would prefer to release our own version from J-E translations.

Pen to Chocolate – As much as I love this manga, it’s hard to find another person that is interested in it. I have a lot of cleans but I don’t have a single translator who is interested enough in the series to work on it.

The Prince in his Dark Days – People would be interested in working it, unfortunately I don’t have a scanner to scan the raws. The fault is my own and I’m willing to accept that entirely.

As for other series, those are all on hold as I do not have the motivation or manpower to do them at the moment.

That’s about it~ TOODLES~