I have returned.

Hey folks, Ame here bringing you a chapter of a new manga called Pen to Chocolate or also known as, Pen and Chocolate. This is a cute little manga, I certainly love it and I hope you will too. It’s by the same mangaka of 3 AM Dangerous Zone which is a fabulous slice-of-life, josei manga, I suggest you check it out!
Special thanks to Tori for translating the last page!


I know what you guys really want, updates on Ghost Hunt 2, right? Yes, it hasn’t been released in a month, but it’s not my fault, sort of. Lack of staff is really killing this team, especially cleaners. So if you want faster chapters, get me some cleaners, and I would prefer cleaners with some experience because I no longer have time to train. But back to GH2, I suspect it should be released within the next couple weeks so keep checking in!