Above is proof that I am totally not slacking off or anything. We’re doing the best we can, but despite how big our staff list might look, we’re actually quite a small group with a handful of active staff. ^^ Don’t worry, Ghost Hunt will be here when we get the raws.

We are still recruiting for J-E translators for the following projects:

  • Pen to Chocolate 
  • Nobunaga no Chef

We are also recruiting cleaners and typesetters! We need people who are dedicate and it would be great if you had some experience. I no longer have the time to train people, but if you are a fast learner I am willing to put some time aside for you.

Also, I have had a couple people apply using the custom form on the site, but the issue became that the e-mails that were provided were incorrect and I have no way of replying to these people. If you have e-mailed me this past month and have not received a reply, please e-mail me once more and not through the form but through your actual e-mail.