Shinigami Doggy


God damn, this man is fabulous.

Hey….. guys…. ~.~ This is not a project we’re really known to do but it’s actually a series that my friend and I hold dear in our hearts (even if the mangaka ditched it to draw for an otome game) and it’s a series I’ve been working in with another group, just recently I thought I should move it here.


I know this group is really erratic, you think we’re dead then we come back, then when you think we’ve finally been put to rest, we rise up once more. Trust me, this is just how the group will be.

If you are wondering what will become of this group, I’ll let you know right off the bat. We’re not dead, we’re still working on things here and there, we just can’t be too focused on it. The main issue is that I can’t scan things at all in this time and I’m having to resort to mailing my raws to a friend to scan. You can imagine this will take quite some time. orz Honestly it’s really discouraging that I’m running into problems one after another…

Ghost Hunt –
I said it before, we are going to work on it after we buy the volumes. I know another group is working on it but we would prefer to release our own version from J-E translations.

Pen to Chocolate – As much as I love this manga, it’s hard to find another person that is interested in it. I have a lot of cleans but I don’t have a single translator who is interested enough in the series to work on it.

The Prince in his Dark Days – People would be interested in working it, unfortunately I don’t have a scanner to scan the raws. The fault is my own and I’m willing to accept that entirely.

As for other series, those are all on hold as I do not have the motivation or manpower to do them at the moment.

That’s about it~ TOODLES~


Trying to make a comeback…

Things are slowly starting to come together and we’re still struggling to survive.

we’re going to need some help to stay afloat so if anybody is willing to help us out as a cleaner, typesetter, or J-E translator, then please contact me through comment or by e-mail!! We are in urgent need of all those positions!

Ghost Hunt – House of Nightmares 3 & MISSING RAWS!!


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I stared out into the sunset and basked in the last of the sun’s warmth… “So, is it that time again?” I said to myself with a bitter smile… and turned to face my doom.

I’M SORRRRRYYYYY!! I KNOW WE’RE LATE! I KNOW WE’RE EXTREMELY LATE! But I actually have a decent reason this time! I swear! My laptop is DEAD. D-E-D. ヽ(≧Д≦)ノ Apparently the hard drive or something exploded and well… it’s in the hospital now… we don’t know if it will ever fully recover… So now I have made a makeshift/temporary base on another laptop but it has NO PHOTOSHOP, NO FONTS, NO SCANS, NO NOTHING! ALL I HAVE IS PAINT(and bishies)! ;A; I’m a bit screwed.

I’ve had to run around like a hobo and beg people to help me out, but since my buds are so awesome, they have been helping me through this rut and that is how I am presenting you with the next chapter! ♥(ノ´∀`)For those who were kind enough to wait for us and not break down our doors and murder our puppies, we thank you. AME OUT!


Also, we are missing the next chapter of Ghost Hunt or was it the chapter after? Anyway, we’re missing it so we cannot properly scanlate it. ;A; If you or anybody you know buys the magazines and are willing to scan the missing chapter, we would be forever grateful. If not, then you’ll have to wait until we purchase the first volume of the series. ><;;
Please send us an e-mail if you think you can help us out:

Ghost Hunt – The House of Nightmares 02


Welcome back to Wonderland After Hours! Now, now, put your knives down, there’s no need to go out for blood because the chapter is here at last! I apologize for being late, it was entirely my fault, I’ve just had too many things going on in my life and I didn’t want to be bothered with scanlations, but hey, better late than never as the late people always say.

Unfortunate news for you guys is that the next chapter may be late once again, our raw provider will be busy for some time and she won’t be free to scan the chapter till later. But fear not, it will be here eventually, so don’t try to come busting down our door or hang yourselves for the wait.


We are recruiting J-E translators and cleaners!

Pen to Chocolate debut



I have returned.

Hey folks, Ame here bringing you a chapter of a new manga called Pen to Chocolate or also known as, Pen and Chocolate. This is a cute little manga, I certainly love it and I hope you will too. It’s by the same mangaka of 3 AM Dangerous Zone which is a fabulous slice-of-life, josei manga, I suggest you check it out!
Special thanks to Tori for translating the last page!


I know what you guys really want, updates on Ghost Hunt 2, right? Yes, it hasn’t been released in a month, but it’s not my fault, sort of. Lack of staff is really killing this team, especially cleaners. So if you want faster chapters, get me some cleaners, and I would prefer cleaners with some experience because I no longer have time to train. But back to GH2, I suspect it should be released within the next couple weeks so keep checking in!


Whoa? It’s been that long already?


Above is proof that I am totally not slacking off or anything. We’re doing the best we can, but despite how big our staff list might look, we’re actually quite a small group with a handful of active staff. ^^ Don’t worry, Ghost Hunt will be here when we get the raws.

We are still recruiting for J-E translators for the following projects:

  • Pen to Chocolate 
  • Nobunaga no Chef

We are also recruiting cleaners and typesetters! We need people who are dedicate and it would be great if you had some experience. I no longer have the time to train people, but if you are a fast learner I am willing to put some time aside for you.

Also, I have had a couple people apply using the custom form on the site, but the issue became that the e-mails that were provided were incorrect and I have no way of replying to these people. If you have e-mailed me this past month and have not received a reply, please e-mail me once more and not through the form but through your actual e-mail.

The House of Nightmares – Ghost Hunt 01


Welcome to the official opening of Wonderland After Hours~

We start off this celebration with a brand new sequel of Ghost Hunt. Who doesn’t love a nice spooky ghost story? Have any personal experiences to share?
In this chapter we learn about a potentially haunted house with mirror like windows. Ho ho, and if I remember correctly people believed mirrors could be used as a portal for spirits.

I would like to inform you that Ghost Hunt – The House of Nightmares is a bi-monthly series in the Aria magazine, therefore we can only release every two months.
Oh and we’re recruiting

The House of Nightmares: Ghost Hunt 01Download

Day — What day is this again?

We got a few new projects for all you to stare at. (:
We’re still recruiting staff for these projects and saving up to buy the raws. If anyone is willing to donate a couple bucks to the cause, please let me know. We’ll need a cleaner or two, J-E translators, and possibly a typesetter. If you’re interested send an e-mail at or fill out a form in the ‘Join Us’ page.

Click the images for more information!

Day 1 – Part 2 – Recruiting

♠ Welcome to Wonderland After Hours.

As you should know, like all new groups starting out we are recruiting for new members to join our pack.

We are a group of carefree people who loves a good josei and seinen manga. We have several new titles on the way that would need quite a bit of tender love and care.

We are in need of:

  • J-E Translators
  • Cleaners
  • Quality Checker

We are open to anyone! Even if it’s your first time in scanlation group. We’ll be willing to offer some training but your improvement and your place in our pack is entirely dependent on how much time and dedication you are willing to put into this.

So why not give us a try?